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LLE Recruitment Round Open

The next LLE (Local Leaders of Education) recruitment round is now open.  Interviews will take place on the 18th and 19th March and induction takes place on the 30th March 2020.  If you wish to apply please contact and she will send you the application pack and provide further information.  All applications need to be made by 9am on the 9th March 2020. 

Added 10 February 2020

School Improvement Programmes of Support

Did you know that we can offer support to headteachers and school leaders to drive school improvement?  Our Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) can offer coaching and support to new headteachers or offer peer challenge and support to experienced headteachers, ensuring impact in school improvement strategies.  Please see our School Improvement programmes of support flyer for the details on the packages available.

Updated 28 Jan 2020

Y1,3,4 and 5 Moderation Book Available Now

Helen Ackrill, the Keystone Director and LA KS2 Lead Moderator, has written a moderation book containing exemplification materials for the non-statutory year groups of 1,3,4 and 5 and these are now available to purchase.  To place your order please complete the order form and return to 

Added 11 December 2019

Peer Improvement Pathway

The Peer Improvement Pathway pilot project is now underway and Keystone has 6 schools within its Hub.  Each school has previously engaged in some form of Peer Review and will now be using the EEF guidance ‘Putting Evidence to Work: A School’s Guide to Implementation’ in order to formulate action plans.  Our Enquiry Lead will be facilitating 3 cluster meetings over the year using research to inform practice.  As part of these meetings, 3 of the schools will showcase areas of the school which are working well.  We hope that this enquiry process will provide high support/high challenge to all those involved, in order act as a powerful school improvement tool.  The project will last for the academic year 2019/2020 but we hope will continue beyond this.  Should you be interested in future projects then please let us know.

Added 31 October 2019

Leicester Children’s Hospital CPD 

Leicester Children’s Hospital School are committed to supporting schools and other partners through a regular CPD programme and a bespoke training offer, helping to support children with medical needs.  Please click HERE to view the full details.

Added 28 January 2020

Recruitment of Evidence Leads in Education

Kyra Research School will soon be recruiting for Evidence Leads in Education (ELE) and the recruitment round opens on 3rd February 2020. Click HERE to view further details.

Added 24 January 2020

Curriculum Training

Bill Lord, LLE will be delivering a series of three curriculum sessions, starting on 27th November 2019 at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy. Please click to view the FLYER and to book please visit Bookitbee.

Added 15 October 2019

Y6 Twilights

We are holding a series of six twilight sessions to support Y6 teachers in preparation for the 2020 SATs and writing moderation.  Please visit our CPD page to view the flyer and to book visit Bookitbee or email for further details.

Added 19th September 2019

Moderation Workshops 2019-20

Bookings are now being taken for the moderation workshops for all key stages.  Please visits our moderation page to view the flyers and to book visit Bookitbee or email for further details.

Added 25th November 2019

Supporting Stronger Governance

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT), The Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP), Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), Lincoln Anglican Diocese and the Leaders of Governance (NLGs/LLGs) have all worked together to produce a comprehensive and coherent support offer to ensure stronger governance of schools and academies in Lincolnshire.  Please click here to view the Governance Support Guide.

Added 19 June 2019

Science Hub Newsletter

Please click HERE to view the latest Science Hub Newsletter providing details of their CPD offering this term. 

Added 28 January 2020

Teaching Vacancies

Are you aware of ‘Teaching Vacancies’ which is the free, national service for searching and listing teaching jobs. It will help publicly-funded schools save money and attract quality teachers. Visit for further information.

Added 24 January 2020

EYFS Network

EYFS Network held at Bourne Westfield on Tuesday 25th February from 3.45pm – 5.30pm, led by a Keystone SLE. This is an initial meeting with the opportunity to collaborate to share good practice and to establish interest and plan future dates.  Click HERE to view the flyer.

Added 10 January 2020

LeadLincs Conference 2020

The LeadLincs Conference takes place on Monday 10th February 2020 at The Showroom in Lincoln.  It is for recent LeadLincs graduates as well as Lincolnshire NPQH graduates from the last 3 years and is designed to equip and prepare you for leadership in 2020.  Click HERE to view the flyer.

Added 14 January 2020

Oracy with the Cambridge Oracy Project

We are hosting an afternoon with James Mannion and Alan Howe from the Cambridge Oracy Project on Wednesday 29th April 2020 at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy. Please click HERE to view the flyer. To book please visit Bookitbee.

Added 25 November 2019 – updated 10.1.2020

SEN Offer

Keystone Teaching School are able to provide the following support around SEN:

  • SEND audit/reviews
  • SEN Networks
  • Bespoke SEN support provided by our SLEs
  • SENCO coaching around The Graduated Approach and requesting EHCPs

For a more specialist offer please click here to view the LEARN/Inspire offer.

Added 15 July 2019